Programme 2014

Workshop Timetabled Program DRAFT 2014Workshop Descriptions:


Intro to Anarchism

An initial brain storm, then everyone can write down on a piece of paper a question they have about anarchism, scrunch it up and throw into the middle, and then we will have a group discussion about the questions that came up.

What is Power? – Community of Inquiry

What is power? Embrace scholarly ignorance, clear away your preconceived notions and participate in a community of inquiry addressing the question of power in order to achieve a ‘possible community consensus’ on the idea.

Patriarchy and its effect on men

We all know how patriarchy effects the lives of women, but it’s far less discussed how the effects damage and emotionally, sexually and psychologically inhibit men. This workshop will bring up and discuss some of the ways men are deprived of growth, freedom and experience and how they experience emotional and psychological damage as victims of patriarchy.

A gentle yet provocative exploration of culture

I developed this workshop from my own experiences as a person of colour in activist spaces and from noticing that while I carried all these “cultural differences” around with me and often felt marginalised by them, most people I spent time with had no idea what their cultures were and just took their own cultural assumptions as “normal”. So this workshop is really an exploratory workshop that gets people thinking about their culture, what it is, how they relate to it, how it frames the way they see the world, and ultimately how it impacts their activism. I’ve run this workshop several times more at things like SoS, Confest,and ASEN training camp and it’s been described as “like climbing a really big mountain but with a really gentle incline and perfect weather, and everyone’s tied together so no one gets left behind”.

The Politics of Indigenous Solidarity

Talk and discussion with Clare Land, whose PhD about the politics of solidarity with land rights, sovereignty and black power struggles in southeast Australia was based on interviews with 24 people involved in these struggles, as well as her own sense of this politics drawn from her activist experiences and commitments, and guided by a critical reference group: Tony Birch, Gary Foley and Marjorie Thorpe.

Insurrections at the intersections: putting anarcha-feminism into action

This workshop will be a practical session about how we can make feminist projects a central feature of anarchist organising. Things we can discuss are: constructive methods for tackling misogyny within our spaces and practical ways we can fight patriarchy at a structural level (along-side the fight against white supremacist capitalism). We will also explore what an anarchist analysis of systems of exploitation, oppression and the state might have to offer contemporary feminist movements.



Parenting as activism

What can parents do to help their children to become free people, independent thinkers, and activists? What did your parents do that helped you? Come and share your experiences to collect ideas on how parenting can drive radical changes in society. Children and parents of all ages welcome!

Plan to Thrive/Decisions Decisions

This workshop aims to create a supportive space for examining relationships between contemporary social conditions, identity and the health status of individuals and communities in Australia & Aotearoa (New Zealand). As political activists, it is important to prioritise our health and wellbeing, although many of us experience barriers to accessing affordable, culturally appropriate support and treatment. How can political movements better accommodate and prioritise the short and long-term health needs of their members and strengthen communities in resistance? **This workshop welcomes a diversity of experiences relating to wellbeing and recognises cultural issues relating to the biomedical model of healthcare. Children are also welcome to attend this workshop.

Alternatives to Policing

Reflections on the experience of people trying to use transformative justice as an alternative approach to resolving issues of interpersonal violence. Moderated discussion on the shortfalls of transformative Justice processess and safer spaces policies and possible resolutions to these shortfalls.


The ANZAC Legend has been used to justify Australia’s involvement in Imperial Wars ever since. The cost to the poor of Australia and the victim countries has been devastating. With a surge in the number of US troops in Australia and tensions between China and US allies escalating – how are people responding to militarism in Australia? Is confronting militarism the key to facing global warming, asylum seekers and the war on the poor?

Anarchosyndicalism and Collapse

Our talk will give an introduction to three major challenges which will affect all our lives – climate change and the various environmental crises, peaking energy and resources, and financial collapse. This will be followed by a critical analysis of the various anarchist theories of change considering our present day situation.

Planning for Direct Action

Jessica draws on her experience with Coal Seam Gas actions and Shane from his participation in the ‘No Maccas in Tecoma’ campaign to discuss and debate strategies for planning effective direct actions.

Refugee voices in Australia

Thousands of people make the hazardous boat journey to Australia every year to claim their legal right to seek asylum from persecution.  Once here (leaving aside “offshore processing”) they are detained indefinitely for security processing. This differs from a prison sentence in significant ways: for instance prison sentences have end dates. Non-citizenship thus becomes a category by which the State governs individuals without recognising them as subjects.  Connecting theory with experience, this workshop brings together ideas from prison abolition movements; the history of indefinite mandatory detention – and more recently, the damage it causes; and stories from refugees and post-refugees whom Laurel has interviewed in the course of her PhD research about their journeys here and settlement in Australia.

Keepin’ it Safe While Fuckin’ Shit Up

From the humble rally to more militant convergences the movement is only as strong as the person who has your back! This skill-share focuses on ideas about keeping yourself & your buddy safe out on the streets during direct actions.  In this very practical workshop we focus on group exercises to up-skill activists with some basic first aid, direct action preparation ideas and reflection skills. So, you will be more confident in looking after yourself and the person by your side the next time it all goes a bit haywire!  This workshop is kid-friendly … despite the title!

Workers’ Solidarity

An informal discussion about opportunities and strategies for workers’ solidarity in Australia.



The Free Exchange Network – Competing through Co-operation

The newly formed Free Exchange Network brings together all the known Free Shops in Australia. It aims to unite disparate radical initiatives of resource sharing like the Free Shops, Free Universities and the Streetbank to build the embryo of Libertarian Communism within the current system. Come along to find out more about this project and how your group can be involved.

Stop the TPP!

Building bridges of struggles and resistance to STOP – not negotiate – the TTPA in Latin America and Australia.

Summary Offensive

The Napthine regime is trying to amend the Summary Offences and Sentencing Act, ramming a Bill through Parliament that will criminalise dissent with a string of anti-democratic measures designed to limit freedom of assembly, movement and expression. This workshop will feature an explanation of the bill, an update on the current situation—including a summary of actions and meetings held by groups opposing the bill—and an open discussion to plan strategies and tactics for the next phase of the campaign. A community response is critical. It is up to us to plan the next step.

Resisting the Neoliberal Education agenda

An interactive workshop mapping the neoliberal agenda for education and strategising resistance to it.