About Camp Anarchy

The Eighth Camp Anarchy is on again in 2019! It’s running over the weekend of March 9th – Monday 11th in a lush bushland setting at Camp Eureka at Yarra Junction. Book it into your diary now!

Camp Anarchy is organised by the same people who bring you the Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair every August. Its inspiration is Pinksterlanddagen, an anarchist camp held in the northern Netherlands for nearly 90 years. At the Dutch camp there are stalls, workshops, anarchist theatre and music and we try to replicate this at Camp Eureka.

Our aim is to bring anarchists, their families, friends and those new to the wide anarchist community together in a welcoming bush setting; to relax and share ideas, news, resources, skills, food, laughter, and planning for the year ahead.

Where: Camp Anarchy will be held at Camp Eureka (first built by the Eureka Youth League, the Communist Party and trade unions after the Second World War) which is at 100 Tarrango Road, Yarra Junction (Mel. Ref: 288 K10) – about an hour out of Melbourne. The camp has power, a fully equipped kitchen with drinking water, and several huts with bunk beds.
When: Saturday 9th March – 11th
What: There will be stalls, discussions, skillshares, music, food, a kids’ space and much more!
Accommodation: there is ample space for camping and limited places in very basic huts which will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Please bring a swag or tent in case you miss out on a bed in a hut.
Food: We will bring tea, coffee, cakes, and vegan and vegetarian lunch and dinner options to cook together, payed by donations at meal times. Everyone is asked to help either cook or clean up afterwards. Basics for breakfast but feel free to bring your own. D
Cost (NB to be confirmed): $30/night (waged) or $25/night (unwaged). Kids are free. Stalls are free and undercover tables are provided. All money will cover expenses – no one is getting paid for this!
Stalls, workshops and skillshares: If you want to book a stall or suggest a workshop, or contribute to the reader that will be distributed at the camp then please get in touch.
Kids’ space: If you wish to volunteer to help carers please contact us.

If you would like to help out, or can distribute postcards, or have a large marquee we can use for the weekend please also get in touch!

Facebook event here.

Safer Spaces Policy

Camp Anarchy will be a safer space and only people who agree with the policy are welcome at the camp.

Getting There

TRAIN and BUS: Catch the Lilydale line to Lilydale station – the trip takes approximately one hour. Take the 683 (Warburton) bus to the Tarrango Rd corner, just past Yarra Junction (ask the bus driver) – then it’s a 15 minute walk down Tarrango Rd to the camp, which you’ll find on your right-hand-side.

CYCLE: Catch the train to Lilydale (or cycle all the way!?) then jump on the Warburton bike trail. Ride from the Station to the Northeast, past St. Patrick’s Catholic School and around the diversion at Mt. Lilydale Mercy College. The Maroondah Highway Bridge is now complete, allowing improved access to the whole trail from Lilydale Station. It’s quite a ride! More details are here.

CAR: Use your favourite map to get to 100 Tarrango Road, Yarra Junction (Mel. Ref: 288 K10). It’s about an hours drive from central Melbourne. If you’re searching for a lift, or have space in your car, drop us an email.

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Camp Anarchy is for a society based on mutual aid and voluntary co-operation – against all forms of government and economic oppression – and we believe everyone should share in the general prosperity. We struggle to break down racial, religious, national and sex barriers, and to fight for a just world without borders.

Get Involved

If you agree with our principles (see above) and have some time and energy to spare, why not get involved with helping us organise the camp?

If you don’t want to join the collective but are keen to share skills, run a workshop or a kids inclusive activity like tree climbing or acrobatics then we’d love to hear from you. We’d love you to bring your most dangerous, provocative, system challenging, community building ideas and skills forward for Camp Anarchy. To help us get the workshop and skillshare program finalised well before the camp, we’d be grateful to receive proposals/expressions of interest (a title and a blurb would be ideal) as soon as possible.

We’re also keen to hear from anyone who’d like to set up a stall, contribute to the reader or get involved in any other ways!


Do you think Camp Anarchy is a great idea but don’t have time to help out? Why not donate? If you can, please make a direct deposit into our bank account:

Name: A Melbourne Events
BSB: 814-282
Account: 31139932


About The Organisers

The people on the A Melbourne Events organising collective of Camp Anarchy are from a variety of anarchist and activist groups which include: Anarchist Feminists, Barricade Bookshop, Eureka Campaign, Guerrilla Gardeners, Industrial Workers of the World, Kate Sharpley Library, Loophole Community Centre, Melbourne Anarchist Club, Melbourne Indymedia, Ned Ludd Appreciation Society, The Sharehood, Squatters and Unwaged Workers Airwaves (SUWA), 3CR, Tunnerminawait & Maulboyhneer Commemoration Group, Swan Island Peace Convergence, Upsiders, Wednesday Action Group, and Workers Solidarity Network. We are Margaret, Bonnie, Johnny, Peter, Teigan, Fiona and Dave amongst others. We also organise the Anarchist Melbourne Bookfair in August every year.

All decisions are by consensus. All face-to-face meeting decisions are deemed to have the consensus also of absent members if after three working days of posting the minutes to the e-list there are no objections.

Only active collective members who have also been to at least two consecutive meetings can block consensus. If a member is away from two consecutive meetings without an apology they are deemed to have become inactive.

We have a quick decision-making process as follows: a proposal is put to the e-list and clearly designated urgent and if no one objects within three working days it is deemed to have consensus.

Contact Us

If you want to get in touch please use the contact form.


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Think Camp Anarchy is a great idea but don’t have time to help out? Why not donate then? If you can, please make a direct deposit into our bank account:

Name: A Melbourne Events
BSB: 814-282
Account: 31139932